Thursday, September 10, 2009


Welcome to the first entry of the blog that I call from Dreamtime to Real time which sets the theme for what I do hope to accomplish. It will be taking the metaphors that make up the trend in some self help circles and turning them into real world useful information. Many have tried the law of attraction and had so little real results. While some of it was useful like being focused on what you want it did lack many key elements that can help you realize your dreams and make them into a reality. To often the real learning has been lost in the metaphors and only these so called teachers only parrot the metaphors without really providing the substance behind them.

Along the way this will be a learning experience for all of us. I hope to get feed back from you as you try it along with me. Now there are some of you who believe the word “try” leads to failure. How ever this is not the case “try” is a key component in trial and error. Failure is only a defeat it you let yourself give up on what you are trying. After years of trying I was finally able to ride a bicycle as a child. While I could have given it up I kept on trying until the successful final try. So keep trying and one day you can get it right.

This course will not be set in stone and I will learn along with you what works and what does not work. My hope is that I can update this blog weekly and keep everyone posted. However, sometimes life gets in the way of things and I may be delayed in my publishing schedule. I will also be recommending products that I have found invaluable in my own growth and that have helped me to achieve many of my desires. Feel free to leave me any feedback, it is through feedback that we learn and grow.

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